Company Overview


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company among many others.
IZUMI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. is a freight company that uses logistics to deliver food products to end consumers.

We are responsible for one part of the nation's food chain, providing indispensable services such as transporting food products from factories and distribution centers to individual retailers like convenience stores, supermarkets, and volume sellers as well as operating line haul routes over medium and long distances. June 18, 2020, will mark the 34th anniversary of our company's founding.
This long history has been made possible by all the clients and financial institutions that work with us and by the tireless efforts of each and every one of our crew—and for that, we are deeply grateful.

[Be a light that illuminates the dark corners of the world!]

Listen to even the smallest voices , concentrate on earnest work, and discover new opportunities for our entire crew and the company!
1 Smile&Clean
2 Fighting Spirit
3 Mindfulness
By implementing the above concepts, we will generate new sprouts of opportunity for us and our companions and cultivate them until they blossom!

This is the spirit of MUST, the IZUMI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. slogan.
We are boarding the IZUMI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. ship and sailing into the future, united with all crew members.

『 Mission・Vision・Values 』


To create added value for society


Provide new and innovate services and become a company that is cherished by people, society, and the Earth

Bring a smile to the world


  • Wholly devote our energy to solving the problems of customers and providing them with optimal services
  • Develop yourself personally, strive for continual evolution and improvement, and embody the hopes of each and every crew member
  • Develop a management system based on international standards to achieve a sustainable society