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Company Overview

Company Name IZUMI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. (Daisei Group)
Address Daisan Diseimaru Hirakawachō Building (4F), 1-9-5 Hirakawa-chō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 102-0093
Representatives Kōichi Tanaka, Chairman and Representative Director
Shin Hirakawa, President and Representative Director
Founded 1986/6/18
Capital ¥100 million
Personnel 504 employees
Vehicles 154 two-ton vehicles + 197 three- and four-ton vehicles + 21 six- and ten-ton vehicles = 372 total vehicles (as of FY 2019)
Major Clients Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
Yamazaki Logistics Co., Ltd.
Sun Logistics Co., Ltd.
Pasco Logistics K.K.
Logistics Network Inc.
Fuji Echo Co., Ltd.
Japan Post Transport Co., Ltd.
Primary Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
(Honorifics omitted)
Business Details General truck transportation
Freight forwarding
Property rental
Employment agency services
G-Mark Certification (safety assessment) from the Japan Trucking Association

Group Companies


June 18, 1986 K.K. Izumi Butsuryu founded
May 1995 Capital increased to ¥10 million
August 1996 Established the Yokohama sales office (currently Yokohama Team 1)
January 2001 Established the Chiba sales office (currently Chiba Team);
began working with Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
April 2001 Established the Tokyo sales office (currently Tokyo Team);
began working with Sun Logistics Co., Ltd.
June 2001 Established the Kodaira sales office (currently Musashino Team);
established the Tokorozawa sales office (currently Saitama Team)
June 2003 Established the Niigata sales office (currently Niigata Team)
January 2004 Established the second Yokohama sales office (currently Yokohama Teams 2 and 3)
February 2004 Established the Nagoya sales office (currently Nagoya-Kansenbin Team)
March 2004 Established the Shizuoka sales office (currently Shizuoka Team)
April 2004 Capital increased to ¥50 million
August 2004 Established the Koga sales office (currently Koga Team)
October 2004 Established the Hiratsuka sales office (currently Hiratsuka Team)
November 2004 Established the second Osaka sales office (currently Osaka Team)
March 2005 Established the Anjo sales office (currently Anjo Team);
began working with Suehiro Confectionery Co., Ltd.
June 2005 Established the Hamamatsu sales office (currently Hamamatsu Team)
September 2005 Began working with Yamazaki Logistics Co., Ltd.
January 2006 Established the Kobe sales office (currently Kobe Team)
April 2006 Established the Toyama sales office (currently Toyama Team)
July 2006 Established the Musashino sales office (currently Miyoshi Team)
April 2007 Established the second Chiba sales office (currently Yachiyo Team)
July 2007 Changed the company name to IZUMI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. and joined the Daisei Group
September 2007 Capital increased to ¥100 million
October 2007 Relocated the company headquarters (to Hon-komagome in Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward)
February 2009 Relocated the company headquarters (to Kanda Sudacho in Tokyo's Chiyoda ward);
acquired land in Satte City, Saitama
September 2012 Began working with Pasco Logistics K.K.
May 2015 Acquired real estate in the Hirakawachō area of Chiyoda (the Diseimaru Hirakawachō Building)
June 18, 2016 30th anniversary of Izumi Butsuryu's founding
December 2016 Began working with Fuji Echo Co., Ltd.
July 19, 2017 10th anniversary of joining the Daisei Group
October 2017 Acquired real estate in the Hirakawachō area of Chiyoda (the Daini Diseimaru Hirakawachō Building)
June 2018 Opening of Izumi Rental conference rooms
July 2018 Began working with Japan Post Transport Co., Ltd.
October 2018 Began working with Hitachi Transport System Central Japan Co., Ltd.
December 2018 Acquired some real estate in the Hirakawachō area of Chiyoda (the Daisan Diseimaru Hirakawachō Building)
June 18, 2019 Relocated the company headquarters (to Hirakawachō in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward)


Main Office

Daisan Diseimaru Hirakawachō Building (4F), 1-9-5 Hirakawa-chō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 102-0093
Tel: 03-6261-7491 Fax: 03-6261-7492