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General Freight

・Convenience-store delivery: Transporting food products from factories to convenience stores (2-ton and 3-ton, refrigerated trucks)
・Cooperative delivery services: Transporting food products from a variety of distribution centers to supermarkets and volume sellers(3-ton, 4-ton, and 13-ton refrigerated trucks with liftgates )
・Cold-storage delivery: Climate-controlled delivery from distribution centers(3-ton and 4-ton refrigerated and freezer trucks with liftgates) *We offer climate-controlled delivery via refrigerated, freezer, and heated trucks that keep products at the optimal temperature.

・Line-haul transport: Transport of food products and raw materials between factories and distribution centers (13-ton, 6-ton, and 4-ton refrigerated trucks)
・General freight: Transport of general freight between locations (large- and medium-sized trucks) * We strive to optimize transportation by introducing special trucks and using appropriate vehicle size as needed.(medium and large trucks, additional tonnage, dry wings, freezers with liftgates, etc.)

Our safety and quality-control office holds safety courses and team meetings.
We teach the etiquette, safety, and other information needed for professional drivers to deliver goods reliably.

166 two-ton trucks
198 three- and four-ton trucks
21 six- and ten-ton trucks
385 total vehicles
(as of FY 2019)

Vehicle Tracking System

We've introduced a cloud-based vehicle tracking system that uses a drive recorder function to keep track of vehicle movements in real time.
This allows us to accurately ascertain the locations of vehicles over the Internet and ensure safe operation.

Property Management


Stimulate Growth

Appropriately manage and maintain existing properties to keep them amenable
Determine suitable pricing based on changes in time and needs

Create New Opportunities

Acquire and manage land and buildings and offer them to the transportation and warehousing industries
Make the rental of conference rooms profitable and continually develop that business while beginning work on share offices

Owned Properties Three-tower commercial building in Chiyoda, Tokyo
 First building: 7 stories with 1 basement floor (land area = 139.97 m2)
 Second building: 7 stories (land area = 165.29 m2)
 Third building: 5 stories (land area = 125.62 m2)
Land in Ota, Tokyo (165.29 m2)
Land in Satte, Saitama (10578.51 m2)
Operational Details ・Leasing to building tenants
・Managing rental spaces and conference rooms
・Leasing land